Thursday, November 24, 2011

Curvy and Petite Eva!

what is Eva Longoria doing in a curvy blog some of you may ask?. Well this stunning 5 foot 2' Latina is actually one of my favorite curvy fashionista's,making her mark for her fellow petite ladies.

Her secrets:

Good proportion:
Depending on the length of the item. Straight shapes are usually a winner because it give a more streamline look making you torso look longer.
-High wasted pencil skirts are a great way to achieve this.

Halter necks dresses:

A great way to elongate your figure making you look taller.The higher the neck line the longer you legs will actually look.


Stay clear of big & bold patterns as it will just consume your frame making.Instead opt for something with softer pasterns such as small/mini floral designs and pastels.


A great way to add dimension and shape to a petite body


Belts that are too thick and chunky will break up a streamline look. It can even create curves in the wrong places. Instead opt for skinny belts which are much softer on the eye.

*note placement of the belt on your body is very important, usually just below the bust is a flattering area to elongate your figure but it all depends on the outfit :)


If you have the option to shop in a petite section then great, but not everyone has that accessibility or they may not see something that tickles their fancy. If this is the case, alteration is KEY in this situation.

*Items that are too long or even half a size too big put you at risk of looking 1: much smaller 2: bigger and 3 : older .

Eva rocking this bare shoulder number letting the tail of the dress do all the curvy work for her... a personal fav!

- So maybe try not tailor your dress TOO short , but here is a great example of how Eva balances out her look.

-The hunched material to the size adds great curve and dimension to her body.

-The high neckline along with the long sleeves work really well together ,however if the dress was much longer in length i.e to the knee or ankle the dress would actually consume her.. make her look short and probably not as curvaceous!
you have been warned :) xx

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