Friday, March 1, 2013

Get the look: Hollywood curls

This week international celebrities attended the greatly anticipated Oscars award ceremony in L.A. You will see my favourite looks of the evening in the previous post or here. On the night I was in awe of the classic Hollywood appeal that was brought to the red carpet by actresses Jessica Chastain and Reese Witherspoon.

To achieve this 1930's look you will need :

~ Large barrel Curling thongs - Remington do good quality curling irons at a very reasonably price.

~ Hairspray - strong hold such as L'Oreal Elnett diamond shine.

~ Finishing serum such as Redkin smoothing serum, John Freda or even some Morrocan oil.

~ Teasing brush or comb

Ensure you hair has been combed through properly taking away any knots so your look with be perfectly sleek. Take your brush and select a side parting that is in a perfectly neat line. Take your large curling thongs and start with the side that has the most amount of hair. Take large sections of hair using the heated thongs in the direction of your face. As you are finished each section take some hairspray and lightly glaze over the curl while it is still warm (you don't want to add too much spray as you still have some steps to go).

After you have fully curled your hair take some finishing serum and rub it in the palm of your hands. Gently run your fingers softly through your hair so you are ever so slightly separating the curls whilst adding a beautiful gloss to It. Don't use a brush as it will take away most of the curls leaving you with kinks in the hair.

When you're finished add extra hairspray, particularly to the roots of your hair to ensure it is completely flat. The point of this look is that the roots remain flat which then flows into goddess like curls.

* Tip ~ if you find you have very thick hair whereby curls can fall out after a few hours apply mousse before you begin to curl your hair then follow the rest of these steps. Some good mousse products on the market would be by Pantene or Tresemme which are not that expensive and have always worked well for me.

Happy curling ladies!

Louise x

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