Thursday, August 14, 2014

Arnotts A/W Lingerie Show

Left, Lynn Kelly wears Triumph Bra €45 & Briefs €28. Right, Sarah Morrissy wears Chatelle Briefs €59 & Bra €32.

Yesterday Arnotts, an Irish based store, launched their Autumn Winter lingerie collection. I was one of the five models they used for the press event which meant I got to preview what lingerie pieces were going to be a big hit for Autumn Winter. There were lots of berry tones and black lace numbers which certainly stood out as a key A/W trend for 2014. Beautiful basques and a number of pretty multiway bras which are certainly items that can be used with a "worn to be seen" affect. 

 Bra: Huit, €86. Briefs: Huit €49, Robe: Ralph Lauren €110

Some of the brands and pieces I liked in particular were Yummy Tummy - designed to give control and a smooth silhouette with designs in tank tops, bottoms and slips that don't pinch! Wonderbra's multiway strapless bra that caters up to a G cup, which I found to be highly supportive and gave a fantastic shape. 

The Huit brand I hadn't come across prior to this and I found them incredibly comfortable and soft. Some of the other girls wore similar pieces which really indulged into variations of black lace that were just so beautiful. For colour, Freya, Triumph and Chantelle have a number of beautiful yet practical pieces that were exceptionally luxurious.

The Set: 

To incorporate all the beautiful underwear into a particular feel, Arnotts created a stunning French boudoir set.  Double beds, beautiful mirrors and delicate details down to classic perfume bottles made for a really creative fashion show all within the walls of their own store.

Hair and headpieces: 

Michael Leong is a very well known and establish hair creative but also a hat designer in his own right. As the overall look was a classic step back into 1950's Hollywood, Michael created soft dramatic netting tied into large bows which complemented the hair perfectly. 

For hair:

- He used a Babyliss pro curling tong, similar to here. 

- To begin he took small sections of hair which he then curled. Following this, each piece would then be wrapped in a circular ring and pinned into place. 

- Once the whole head was done like this, it was then set into place before unpinning and gently brushed out, sprayed into place with hairspray and delicately leaving the hair pulled over to one side.

Key products used to achieve the look:  

The makeup comprised of key elements of old Hollywood glamour. The Bobbi Brown team at Arnotts used a number of items for all of the models. The key pieces that really stood out for me were the three items below:

- Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Stick : very quick and easy to apply and gave a beautiful dewy glow.

- Vitamin Enriched Face Balm ( oil- free) - for a 6 am call time all help was appreciated yesterday morning and this fellow certainly worked some wonders with its instant soothing while bringing a 'rested' effect look to the skin.

- Lip Colour Lipstick ( Hot Berry) A deep berry lip gave a real sophisticated finish to our makeup. It had a very faint shine, with great coverage and fantastic longevity to it also. 

Lou. x

Photo Credit - Kieran Harnett



  1. Louise, you are stunning! Loving the hair & makeup and can't wait to see the press pics! Curious to know if the models are allowed to keep the underwear? Is that a stupid question? I don't know - just thinking it's different to modelling clothes...honestly the things I wonder about!!!?? I blame the kids who melt my head every day!!
    Great to see you up & about & looking amazing - have a super weekend. Ax

    1. Hey Avril! Hows the back? Oh I swear those makeup artists worked wonders and that Bobbi brown moisturiser was something else! haha. No we don't get to keep it. We have to wear nude underwear underneath for hygiene reasons of course and we change very quickly too.

  2. Oh my lord you look amazing! I love the hair, makeup and lingerie and I love reading this behind the scenes feature :)


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