Thursday, February 23, 2017

Primark Sportswear - Part 2

Last week was the second part to the Primark fitness event. Aerial yoga was the theme for this month, something I've never done before so I was definitely excited to see what it was all about. It's a combination of yoga exercises mixed pilates and aerial acrobatics. You use a hammock like feature with it which really helps to stretch out the body (more photos on that part later on in the post), so essentially you are certainly putting sports wear pieces to the test.. along with your own body! I knew my balance wasn't the best and aerial yoga reaffirmed this! hahaha! 

Ahead of the event I was sent two looks to choose from. Both looks are heavily print inspired, one being more of a space style as seen here, and the other being more of a strong floral print which I wore for the event itself. They are quite designer inspired and perfect for those who really like to have more colourful sportswear items in their wardrobe, particularly for yoga fans as these colours are quite calming and so stretch friendly. In terms of fit I would say to go down one size in the space print leggings as the elastine is quite generous. Today I'm wearing a size 16 but could have gone down to a size 14 also. 

When it came to top styles to pair with this, I wanted to give people two style options, one for those who prefer more of that crop top effect, and the other for those who want more coverage. The matching space print top is more of a long lined crop top and loose fitting. It comes with tie band detail meaning you can show as much or as little midriff as you would like. For the second option I layered a mesh top over the crop top which can be worn loose or tied to one side for more of a fitted effect. 


photography: Anita Sadawska 

The event look: 

These floral sports pants could possibly be my favourite from the collection. They were really comfortable and the colours are very me too! I wore the matching sports bra underneath with the mesh t-shirt again over it. Simple but colourful sports inspiration look.  

Aerial yoga was something I never really knew about and while I am all about trying new things this year I was slightly nervous I'd fall on my face! I really had nothing to worry about as the instructor on the day was so incredibly helpful and just put everyone at ease. I eventually managed to do a "aerial yoga mermaid" which I was pretty thrilled with myself considering my balance isn't the best! While I probably won't be joining Cirque Du Soleil any time soon I had such a brilliant day and thrilled to have tried something so different! Thanks Primark! x

( Clearly a career as an acrobat is my true calling......)  :)

Photography: Anthony Woods

Lou. xx


All product found in Primark 

Sports bra: today wearing size 18

Sports leggings, top and hoodie -wearing all size 16 in both looks

Primark sports items range from size 6-20

*This is a sponsored post ran in conjunction with Primark 


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