Monday, March 6, 2017

The London Fashion Week Look Under €70

One thing about me as a blogger is that I adore finding good value pieces, but especially when it comes to Fashion Weeks. I find there is a tremendous pressure put on fashion-goers to have incredibly stylish outfits and any opportunity to show a bargain find is always such a huge plus for me. I did a "Fashion Week Look Under €70" in New York last season which you all loved so it was only fitting to do a London version and team up with the guru's of bargain style, Primark to put this look together.  For this blog I'm always trying to push my own style boundaries, keep things different and open to various "fashion tastebuds" and so I delved into a full sports luxe vibe. This particular look can be worn in numerous ways and for a broad range of body types. I've layered a number of pieces which you will see in greater detail below to show how versatile the trend can be while incorporating other trends along the way!.

The Trend Breakdown

1: The Coloured Biker Jacket 

The biker jacket is always something that will be "In Vogue" and over the last year the biker jacket style has seen some game changers, most notably in terms of colour. It's possibly one of my most favourite style of jackets to wear so I'm thrilled to see colourful biker styles are here to stay. Walking through Primark I literally stopped in my tracks when I saw this baby blue number in a suedette finish. It's so fresh and one that would easily work into a Summer wardrobe too ( I'm already planning to wear this with a white fit and flare dress at some stage!). 

2: The Racer Striped Trousers: 

The side stripe/ racer stripe has been hugely popularised this season. Designers from Fendi to Victoria Beckham have embraced this trend with celebrities such as Blake Lively and Rihanna seen sporting the racer style on a number of occasions. They are the kind of trousers which are a statement in themselves, giving way to wearing them during the day or in a more formal way. I find the more wide leg styles to be incredibly flattering on for various bum and hip shapes while also elongating your legs thanks to the vertical stripe which is ideal for those looking to balance out their proportions. The trick to styling tops to this is about playing with proportions but more on that later in this post. 

Originally I had heels on with this look ( which by the way looked fabulous) but for the final day of Fashion Week, and with the days beforehand in heels,  my feet just were not able for any more. Incidentally it appears the sneaker/ trainer trend is another one to keep your eye out for. It's always a popular look in London thats for sure, but with the rise of Gucci and Chanel adding trainers to almost everything it's certainly something to keep in mind when planning your Spring Summer Wardrobe. 

3: The Jumpsuit Effect : 

 Jumpsuits are one of my favourite styles to wear, however it's not always easy to get right particularly if you have a long or short torso. This means that a jumpsuit can look either too baggy or too tight in certain areas which is why creating a jumpsuit effect is the easiest solution all round. The trousers are in fact highwaisted which works extremely well to get this look. I paired them with a high neck frill crop top to give it a streamlined effect that will work for numberous bust types. If you wanted something more fitted, look to a black body style to ensure the top stays put. You can add some high heels and a smart blazer too which will instantly give it an occasionwear feel or for an evening out. 

4:"Matchy- Matchy" 

When it comes to Sports luxe trends you can dabble into this trend and much or a little as you please. The "matchy matchy" style certainly gives it full sports inspiration and it was in fact this lace bomber that made me fall totally in love with a full sporty ensemble. The jacket was extremely light and looks so beautiful and unusual on. You could easily wear this with various tops to dresses and skirts for a different look altogether. The fact that it is semi fitted also means it doesn't add too much volume to your look too! 

5: Embracing Monochrome 

Monochrome style is so smart and easy to wear. It's also that kind of look that can be worn all year round. In terms of accessories for this look I kept it minimal with a bright white clutch, sunglasses and a cute phone case. The bag itself embraced the graphic inspired trend for the year ahead and the fact that it even held my camera and all my essentials for the day at €6 it was a no brainer must have. The beauty about the full look with everything layered as one is that it's ideal as a travel outfit for a weekend away knowing you can mix and match styles quite easily or simply if you want to add some key pieces into your wardrobe for Spring. 

Photography: Rami Bittar 

Lou xx


Biker Jacket: €28 today wearing size 14 ( size range 6-20)

Lace bomber jacket: €8  today wearing size 16 ( size range 6-20)

Top:  €5  today wearing size 18  ( size range 6-20)

Stripe trousers: €10 today wearing size 16 ( size range 6-20)

Trainers: €8

Sunglasses: €1.50

Bag: €6  

Phone case: €1.50 

* This is a collabouration post in conjunction with Primark 

LFW car sponsors Addison Lee 



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