Tuesday, April 18, 2017


FRILLS. There is no escaping them for Spring/ Summer, but there is something I find alluring about them and I promise they will grow on you. Prior to embracing all things frills and bell sleeves I wondered if I would look like I was channeling some sort of Abba tribute look, but as always I like to throw myself into different trends and see how it works on different body types, because of course that's why this blog is here to road test it all! haha.

During Fashion Week in February which showcases Autumn Winter 2017 pieces white shirts with oversized and exaggerated sleeves were everywhere to be seen. Over the last few weeks I've tried and tested numberous ones but just couldnt get the right fit, buttons gathered in the wrong parts, boobs looked smothered or by contrast lots of oversized shirt styles which were, well, just too oversized! The happy medium I found to be down to the material, opting for more silk like fabrics or high shine polyester that doesn't crease as easy as some of the linen material and woven cotton fabric frill styles. They drape over the body too meaning they work with various curvier frames compared to heavier thicker fabric styles.

What to style it with? : Layer it under an A-line dress, a jumpsuit, team it with high waisted skirts, skinny jeans, your favourite denim to palazzo pants. Today for the theme thats in it,  I've gone for cropped black trousers with of course frill end detail. For statement trousers like these a simple black top instantly gives more of a jumpsuit effect or a more formal feel. For some casual vibes simply add a flat shoe or sandal of your choice!

Photos: Anita Sadowska 

Lou xx


Top: Here sizes 6-18  ( today wearing size 16) - bigger sizes here  and below 

Trousers; here  (today wearing size 16)  bigger style sizes here and below

Shoes: Primark 

Bag: Zara 

Top Inspiration 

Trouser Inspiration 



  1. hello there,ciao Louise...great!...every photo is as beautiful as a painting...and...your outfit is a super charming Work of Art...you shine such magic charisma...cheers!

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