Thursday, April 13, 2017

Review: Khloe Kardashian Good American Jeans

Jeans are always a popular request here on Style Me Curvy, and today's post relates to the new kid on the block in the jeans world, Good American. I've had my eye on a pair of these for a while now, so I was only too delighted to be sent a pair recently. A few months ago Khloe Kardashian and her business partner Emma Grede launched the Good American jeans line. Their campaign ticked all the boxes for me in the diversity stakes using various sizes and ethnic groups but the biggest thing was to see a fresh jeans line immediately kick start themselves in a size inclusive way ranging from a US 00-24 ( around a size 28 UK). It's the kind of brand that is well thought out and offers different options whether you want more of a leg focus or high waisted style (and praise the lord they have lots of high waisted styles for us gals with more curvy derrieres!).

First impressions & sizing: They arrived beautifully packaged and the leg length was perfect for me so while I have them with heels today they work brilliantly with trainers or biker boots. One thing I tend to struggle with however is the USA versus E.U size difference as I can be anything from a US size 12-16 ( UK size 16-20) with different brands. For the jeans I was sent a US size 10 which is a around a UK size 14. And while my first thoughts were apprehensive as they looked small, I was adamant to try them any way as I've wanted to try on a pair for so long!! Within a minute it became quite clear they were a perfect fit and feel so be sure to go down just one size in this particular style - The Good American - "Good Legs"in high waist fit.

There are lots of styles and cuts the brand have developed from cropped ankle styles to more boyfriend fit.  If like me you are more of an apple shape ( we struggle to find jeans more than any other shape!), I always recommend high waisted so you don't have that uncomfortable feeling when you sit down!. The elastane in their high waisted styles seem to have a slimming effect in so far as it smooths back fat and feels really comfortable on the tummy area. I have a really sensitive abdomen which is essentially the selling point for me when it comes to a pair of jeans.

Do they keep their shape?: So far I've worn them to two castings, a shoot and even brought the dogs for a walk in them and I did find they kept their shape. I always turn my jeans inside out for washing as they did still keep their colour but I really think the 6 month mark for jeans is the real tester for if jeans keep their colour or not so it's still too early to tell. The elasticity however is wonderful in them which is why I can see where the high price point in this collection is between $145-$189.

Overall view: Would I buy a pair personally? Yes I most definitely would( I already have my eye on a light wash pair for summer), and while they do come at a higher price point, I would consider them to be at that premium level jeans brand yet they do come in ever so slightly cheaper than the likes of Levi's and J Brand. At the moment the brand has various cropped styles that would work for petite ladies so my only critique would be that it would be great to see some longer leg options for tall ladies, but other than that I can't fault them!  

Wear to find them?: For UK & Ireland friends they have recently launched in Selfridges where you can buy them online if you live outside of the country too in Europe. You can still of course buy them off Good American website that ships internationally as well as other US sites like Nordstorm.

Photography: Hazel Coonagh 

Outfit details: 

Top: Similar here wearing size 16 and bigger sizes here

Jeans: Here wearing UK size 14 or US size 10 ( big fit go down a size) - comes in sizes 4-28 UK or 00-24 US.

Jacket: Here  wearing size 16 & bigger size options here

Shoes: KG last season.

Lou. xx

More Good American Jean Styles Below: 



  1. hello there,ciao Lou...what a nice look blended with those heels!

  2. Off to buy me a pair of these beauts... thanks for the advice Louise 👖❤️

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