Sunday, May 14, 2017

The Spring Summer Essential : The Kimono

Travelling for work is part of the parcel for me and with that means I tend to try plan ahead or predict what fashion essentials I'll need on a trip. Oftentimes I might just have a carry on case so I try to be as practical as possible. A key piece on my list when it comes to the Spring/ Summer months would be one of my most trusted fashion companions - a kimono. It's light and flowy qualities instantly give you a broad range of fashion choices to create different outfits with, so much so I've bought a kimono almost every year for at least the past five years. It's really easy to fold into a handbag if you are short of luggage space and it works perfectly for Summer in the city style, an airport travel look, to holiday and beach vibes, or quite simply when you're just not entirely sure what kind of weather will come it's way on a particular day. 

While I tend to have a number of shorter kimono styles I opted for a longer length version for this post as it's a style a number of people have emailed me about recently. Luckily kimonos are quite easy to come across online and on the high street at the moment; I've put two image galleries at the bottom of this post for both longer and shorter kimono styles to suit various style tastebuds from print styles from the plain to the more detailed. 

What to pair the longline kimono with?

- Pair it with tailored or denim shorts and silk top

- A Little Black Dress 

- Wide leg palazzo trousers and a fitted top 

- Blue or black jeans 

- An A-Line skirt and fitted body

- A playsuit or cropped culotte jumpsuit 

Photography: Anita Sadowska

Lou. xx


Kimono: Here similar here and here 

Top: Primark 

Jeans: here today wearing size 16 and sizes 20+ here 

Bag: Here

Sunglasses: Here 

Shoes: Here 

Longline & Shorter kimono styles: 

Shorter kimono styles: 



  1. So gorgeous and lightweight! Perfect for the summer x

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