Thursday, May 4, 2017

The Swimsuit Edit For All

This is just part one of many beach inspired posts this season. Earlier in the week I asked readers on my Snapchat and Insta Stories what you would like to see first along with any key issues you had when it came to shopping for swimwear.  This swimsuit post was highly requested as the first key post so today I've incorporated a huge selection covering lots of topics and common shopping issues. 

Luckily nowadays it's so much easier to get on trend and stylish swimsuits for various frames and in diverse sizing. But while shopping for swimwear is never easy for anyone, one thing I think is important to keep in mind is to embrace new styles that you might have shied away from in the past as oftentimes they can be the most flattering and comfortable on! Below you will find fuller busted options for DD+ ladies, mesh detailed styled for those who want to show more skin but still have coverage, illusion styles to long bodied and tall girl options - note* you don't have to be tall to have a long torso which is what can make swimwear shopping difficult for many people. 

Let me know what you think!

Lou xx 

Illusion swimsuits: 

1: Cross halter neck - U.S sizes 12 - 28 / 2: Navy cut out swimsuit sizes 6-18 / 3: Tankini swimsuit - sizes 14 - 32 / 4: Geometric swimsuit sizes 6-18 

Fuller Bust Swimsuit Options for DD+ : 

1: Mediterranean swimsuit DD+ : 32F - 38G /  2: Aztec detail swimsuit sizes 34C-42DD /             3: Floral swimsuit : 34D - 38 G  / 4: One shoulder frill swimsuit  30C - 38 F cup 

Mesh Swimsuits:

1: White mesh swimsuit size 30D- 38FF / 2: Coral crochet swimsuit sizes 6-18 / 3: Tropical print sizes 6-18 / 4: Miraclesuit sizes 18 -26

Long Bodied Torso Styles:

  1: Tie Dyed swimsuit sizes 10-20 /  2: Navy print swimsuit sizes sizes 8-22  / 3: Tall strap detail swimsuit sizes 8-22 / 4: Blue print swimsuit sizes 8-22

Control Swimwear

1: Tropical print: sizes 30G - 38FF /  2:  Safari Swimsuit : sizes 8-20    /   3:  Aqua lace up swimsuit : sizes 8-22         /  4:   Black Tropical halterneck: sizes 8-18



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