Sunday, May 28, 2017

Tropical Curves - The Sports Edition

When it comes to curvy frames a lot of people tend to stick to darker colours for workout wear particularly on the lower half of our bodies for fear brighter colours won't appear flattering on. Today I wanted to throw that concept out the window and indulge in some bold print and brighter sports styles that are fun, stylish and comfortable to wear. I've collaborated with Primark on their sports line over the last few months and today are I'm showing some of their latest additions which embraces tonnes of colour, bold brights, prints to colour popping neons! 

  The key thing for me which I loved about this look is the fact that the tropical print is broken up by mesh detailing so its a perfect introduction for someone who is unsure of print. It comes with the matching sports bra and as the leggings are high waisted they will work perfectly as a summer workout look if you wanted to show a hint of skin. If you want more coverage, I added a scuba and mesh textured top over it for a different effect with the sports bra layered underneath. There is also a sleeveless grey hoodie (at the bottom of this post) which gives more of a street style feel. Everything today is worn in a size 16 so it would be true to size with pieces ranging from 8-20. 

Photography: Hazel Coonagh 

Lou. xx 


Today wearing all size 16 

Sports bra: €5 

Sports vest: €6 

Sleeveless sports pullover: €10

Tropical sports leggings :€11

Trainers: €10 

Sunglasses: €2.50

Hat : €2.50

*This is a collabouration post in conjunction with Primark 


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