Wednesday, August 9, 2017

St.Tropez Tan Review

This month I've teamed up with one of my favourite self tan brands, St. Tropez! In today's post I will be reviewing a selection of products that I've really enjoyed using the most over the last few weeks - including products that are new to the St.Tropez family too. Now more than ever people are making more conscientious decisions about their skin care regime and in terms of ingredients what exactly they're putting on their skin which was why when talking to  St.Tropez and hearing more about their ingredients and their ethos, to be more than a tan brand, it felt like a great fit for the blog. In today's review there are six different products for the self tan lovers that all vary from express tanning, to the new face mask/ face tan in one ( so cool!), to more Saturday night glam skin boosters. A key thing for me when it comes to beauty and skin care products is if it's a) going to work for dry or dehydrated skin and b) if it will work for those with quite sensitive skin too. I am both A and B so I figure if it ticks those boxes then it should work for almost any skin type.

St. Tropez Self Tan Express 

First up is the new Self Tan Express Bronzing Mist. It's ideal for those with a busy lifestyle or who perhaps aren't too keen about leaving tan on for more than a certain number of hours but still want good results. Usually I apply my tan the night before and wash it off the next morning but this was a nice change. I applied my tan just after work, answered some emails, watched some tv and my tan developed. I kept it on for 2 1/2 hours then once you wash it off it will continue to develope itself ( usually 8 hours max and you get the full colour!).  It has a 360 degree nozzle which was my favourite part as it just made life easy to apply the tan without have to stretch upside down or ask for assistance!lol! You can apply the spray to your skin on its own but  I always prefer to use a mitt applicator to blend it on my skin just to be extra sure I haven't missed anything! I used this tan for the Lovebox festival and two other events I had on last month and really loved how natural the colour was but also how easy it was to top up my colour if I wanted to without getting tan patches.

  The Self Tan Express Bronzing Face Sheet Mask 

The mask might just be one of my favourites based on the concept alone. St.Tropez have fused the idea of korean skincare face masks with self tan. Essentially you get the perks of a beauty mask and a tanned glow in one - it has hyaluronic acid which is a great ingredient for those with dehydrated skin meaning you definitely don't get that tight post tan feel to your face. I found the sheet overall was really easy to use and stayed in place. I tested it for just 10 minutes, washed it off then applied my makeup over it for the day and it gradually developed throughout the day. It works as a good addition or emergency find if you felt like you needed a boost or skin pick me up for the day, or if you are looking for something travel friendly that mixes both tan and face mask in one!

Gradual Tan Plus Sculpt & Glow Range 

These products are another new addition to the St. Tropez family and again brings together the idea of good skin care with false tan. It's one of those products aimed at people who want to tone, firm and keep their skin hydrated but also with a sunkissed glow - where as in the past you would have probably needed to invest in a few products to achieve the same effect head to toe. As I'm more of a self tan mousse fan I didn't know what to expect. As it's a lotion it actually just felt like I was just applying a moisturiser -  it was soft on the skin and the tan gradually developes. There was no smell to it and I will say I was worried that I might have applied it wrong but the end result was perfect thank god!haha! It's certainly one I would recommend if you prefer a more light subtle glow or if you haven't used self tan in the past and you want something to boost your skin. You can literally use it every day if you wanted to as its so buildable and light.

The key ingredients for the ''Gradual Tan Plus Luminous Sculpt And Glow'' for body are:

-Shea Butter
-Kalpariane ( Sea Algae Extract)
-Hyaluronic acid

The above basically helps to improve the tone and and firmness of the skin while adding a healthy glow but also locks in moisture at the same time.

The key ingredients for the "Gradual Tan Plus Luminous Veil Everyday Illuminating Face Cream":

-Avocado Oil
-South Korean Camellia Flower extract Red Snow
-Purple mica

The above ingredients are amazing if you have dry skin but especially if you work in big cities as Camellia Flower works as an anti pollutant - basically as a mini face shield to prevent a loss of your skin's natural glow!  The purple mica ingredient gives a natural luminosity which won't block pores either - something that's always a key concern for me when it comes to self tan for face.

St.Tropez Instant Tan Gloss

When I think about gloss I think heavy oil, sticky, followed by what happens if it runs onto my clothes ?.Well... Last week before attending the U magazine awards I was feeling brave. I added this to my legs and parts of my arms for some added shimmer and extra oomph! It's something that will certainly give an instant boost to your legs for an evening out. It's also something I think makeup artists would find useful in their beauty kit for fashion shoots as it was so easy to apply and totally fuss free ( what you need if you're on a shoot location in the middle of nowhere!). It never felt sticky or did I feel like I was reminded that it was on, other that the fact I was quite chuffed with my glowing shimmering pins for the night. I just washed it off the next morning and while it won't leave a tan on you, you do feel like your legs are extra silky for 24 hours. 

Luxe Dry Oil 

While it may appear similar to the tan gloss, its not by any means.  This is definitely a hidden gem I hadn't seen from the range before and one to look out for or if you have extremely dry skin or skin that's prone to becoming patchy when you use a false tan ( this is usually down to dryness). It's quite watery in consistency but with a shimmer effect which was actually quite helpful to see where it was being applied. Again I used a tanning mitt but I didn't over do the oil. As its a dry oil I did find it absorbed into skin in less than the ten minute mark.

Personally I think applying it before bed is ideal as it takes around eight hours to develope fully and the smell is more of a citrus scent which I found to be really pleasant and easy to sleep in. When you wash it off the next morning you are left with golden goddess beach vibes and silky soft skin to go with it! While this product has been out for awhile, I've never really thought about trying an oil based one before and will certainly go back to it again for dry skin weeks. The longevity of it lasted around 4-5 days but I would imagine if you are really good at moisturising your skin every day you would certainly get longer.


St. Tropez products can be found on:

 Cloud 10 Beauty

Brown Thomas

 Selected pharmacies nationwide

*This post is ran in conjuction with St.Tropez as a collabouration. All reviews are 100% my own views and opinion. 



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