Sunday, December 10, 2017


 Today's post is an extra special one as I'm collaborating with a jewellery brand I've known and adored for a very long time. If you are a Thomas Sabo fan you may know they've various collections and today features two very special ones "Infinity" and their latest addition to the Thomas Sabo line   "Together". I love the thoughts of both in terms of gift inspiration because it's something personal, which can broadly represent the strong bond between people be it best friends, family and of course your other half. I'm a very sentimental person in general when it comes all aspects of my life but especially with jewellery because I always link it with a special person, a memory and a moment. Given the nature of today's post I couldn't really do it justice without asking a very special guest to be apart of it, Mr. Style Me Curvy, who after seven years has finally agreed to be in one of my blog posts!!

  Over the past few years he has been a total rock for me, particularly throughout my dads illness and to losing dad last November. I've lost myself from time to time and he still puts up with me but most importantly among those moments where you question your own capabilities in doing something, Dave will always be the one to lift me up and change my mind on things. He was one of the first people to tell me this blog on fashion for all sizes needed to happen and to keep going when no one else really thought it would last, which brings me to the point of togetherness and the strength between two people. We all have that go-to person in our lives who knows when you need that coffee break or someone to lean on and it's something that should always be celebrated and remembered in some way.

Infinity Collection 

I feel the nature of Thomas Sabo as a brand is quite delicate yet always intriguing - it's not boastful yet subtly elegant and wonderful in equal measures.  Wear it casually or formally, layered with other pieces or however you please. It's the kind of brand that would fit into anyones jewellery tastebuds which is why I wanted to show you two different looks today, all of which come in silver and gold options and of course perfect timing too for those last minute gift ideas ( or Christmas hints!!).

This first look is rose gold inspiration from the Infinity range. There are many variations but these pieces stood out to me personally which hold the infinity symbol. You can layer the bracelet easily with a watch and the circular disc necklace is gently embossed which can be reversed showing a blank coin or with the infinity sign - whichever you please. The Karma watch is a gold and silver link combination with a large watch face and statement detail.

The Together Collection 

The Together collection as mentioned earlier is new to the Thomas Sabo line. It blends a modern style with old Hollywood glamour.  The two circles of 'Together Forever' links can be seen across the entire line which you can find here and in the details below. 

Today I'm wearing the Together Forever necklace and a matching bracelet in sterling silver which is made up of one silver circle and one diamond encrusted circle. There are various options of the together rings but for today I opted for a plain option of a two silver bands with the words "forever" engraved on the outside - I like classic pieces but as I wanted to showcase one of the more bling Thomas Sabo watches to suit all watch tastebuds I thought it all worked together as a nice combination.  Below Mr. Style Me Curvy wears the men's watch from the collection which comes in silver with both dark blue and black options. 

Photography: Anita Sadowska 

Look one:  Infinity Collection 

Infinity Rose Gold necklace: here 

Infinity bracelet : here

Stud earrings : here

Womens Silver and Rose Gold Karma Watch: here

 Loaned from Weirs and Sons 

Mans watch : here

Look two:  Together Collection 

Together necklace in silver : here

Matching bracelet: here

Together Forever Heart Ring : here

Silver earrings: Similar here

Womens silver watch:  here

Mans watch : here

Location: The Alex Hotel Dublin

A special thanks to Weirs and Sons for providing the Infinity collection for this shoot.

*This post is in collabouration with Thomas Sabo 

Lou xxx 


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