Friday, July 10, 2015

A first look at Ever Bloom by Shiseido

Recently I was invited to a beautiful lunch by Shiseido ( If you follow me on Instagram you'll see the images there). It was to mark the release of their Eau De Parfum, Ever Bloom, and I was lucky enough to be talked through every element of this new fragrance by Julia Friedlander from Shiseido Paris. As Ever Bloom is not due out until October you're getting a first glimpse of it in today's blog post! Yay!

Some finer details... 

The Shiseido ethos of positivity and beauty is something they channel throughout all of their products. For Ever Bloom they taped into the historical element of the Shiseido house between East and West ; creating a fragrance to represent universal femininity, embracing the phrase " Because the beauty is already in you''With this in mind the man behind the scent, perfumer Aurelien Guichard was conscious to create a balance between power and delicacy.  He opted for key notes they've used combining musk with hinoki wood, and orange blossom gardenia. So it overall creates a confident scent.  

What to expect.. 

On the first spray of Ever Bloom, you'll get an instant powerful burst of fragrance but then it gently 
fades into a soft charming floral scent. It really is a beautiful scent and incredibly crafted. I would definitely recommend it for those who love ultra floral tones and it would be a great fragrance for evenings and special occasions as without a doubt the staying power of it was exceptionally good.  

The bottle design is beautifully curved, with a two toned pink to give a floral heart effect. The cap has Japanese elements to it along with the signature Shiseido stamp which together create an impact as perfume bottles go.

Overall a beautiful scent for the confident woman. If you love floral tones with a fresh feel you won't be disappointed by it.


Available internationally from October


30ml €53 / £38

50 ml €76 / £54

90 ml €105 / £75

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