Saturday, June 2, 2018

The Holiday Edit: My Fashion Essentials

My trip recently was short and sweet starting in Malta and ending our last few days in Positano ( I'll be blogging about both locations soon as there is just SO much to see in both places!). For the trip as I hadn't been to either before, I tried to be prepared where I could for all eventualities. Today's holiday edit talks through some of my own personal fashion essentials that I find always come in useful during the Summer months and that might be of help to you all too. :) 

Lou xx

The Day To Night Find 

Day to night style is very much dependent on the kind of trip you are on. It's great if you think you'll be spending the entire day and evening exploring a new city, then these kind of dipped hem dresses are the dream. They're light and flowy and can be rolled up so easily for packing. 

Dress : River Island here in sizes 6-18

The statement dress: 

On holidays we all have great intentions at times to do absolutely nothing. Sometimes I just want to pack the absolute basics but when I get there I wished I'd brought more. No matter what your packing priorities are ( unless of course you're heading to Everest base camp or an adventure holiday) - otherwise even one statement dress in your suitcase will come in useful even for that impromptu date night at a beautiful restaurant or night on the tiles with the girls.   

Orange dress here and petite length - here

The Kimono

I always pack kimonos especially when venturing somewhere new, and when the evenings might be cooler than expected. They work as a great all rounder for day or night from poolside glamour to mix and matching with your holiday wardrobe. 

Pair it with: Shorts and a simple top of any kind,  tailored trousers and a silk top for a formal feel, a denim skirt and flats for a city look or as seen here in a beach style. 

Kimono: Evans here in sizes 14-32 more styles below 

The Shorts

Summer shorts can be a love hate relationship for a lot of people. My key go to for any kind of leg shape is the "boyfriend cut" style. They're slightly more A-Line cut than typical styles meaning they won't cling to your leg or will you find them rolling up as you walk.

I have this style in I don't know how many colours. White, denim and black coloured shorts are my ABSOLUTE essentials and you don't have to spend a fortune either. Primark, New Look, River Island, Lane Bryant, Forever 21 plus all have great options similar to this one.

What to wear: Where with cute tops to kimonos, layer them under that cute dress you really like but you didn't realise how short it was.. then this works a treat!  I also love to create more of a playsuit effect with outfits too to help recycle holiday looks.

Todays shorts: Primark new season €12 - more style ideas and colours below: 

The Maxi: 

A maxi dress deserves a blog post in itself but for the topic of todays post I had to feature it. I love maxi styles throughout the summer but while I was away the weather in both locations we were in took an unexpected turn for the worse from rain to crazy wind and much cooler temperatures some evenings that expected. This came in extremely useful! 

Maxi dress from Debenhams here under €55 in sizes 8-20

The Swimsuit 

Swimwear is the most obvious holiday essential but while fashion can run away with us all at the best of times make sure you have "THE SWIMSUIT". The kind you are so comfortable in you could sleep in, the one you put on and feel a million dollars in and can't imagine not ever having in your life, the kind you'd probably wear to do the Tesco's food shop if people didn't think you'd lost your marbles. O.K a bit dramatic to describe swimwear like this possibly, but I feel we all need that key piece in the suitcase no matter how long it takes us to hunt it down!

Swimsuit Dorothy Perkins in sizes 6-22 here more ideas below

The Beach Dress 

Beach dresses are brilliant go-to's for during the day especially if you have last minute plans that will take you from beach to bar easily. I pack them in hand bags as they are so easy to roll up. Depending how long I go away for I usually bring three options with me as they always come in useful time and time again. 

Beach dress Dorothy Perkins here in sizes S-XL 

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