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While some people might think a blog post dedicated to strapless bras might seem somewhat over the top, there are a lot of people that struggle with this especially if you are fuller busted in any way.

I've had many strapless hits and misses over the years. On one specific occasion I splashed the cash on pay day a for what seamed to be a luxury strapless bra - it's luxury so it must be good right? Not always! Sadly the strapless was pretty much hanging around my ankles by the end of the night as it just wouldn't stay in place no matter what I did. It was a big lesson learned - always try a new strapless in advance before an important event! It seems obvious, but at the time it wasn't! haha

Over the past few years however, there are the key strapless bra go-to names that get great mentions by fellow bloggers and of course you guys at home too. I've put together those most highly recommended that I hope will be of use. A key thing I see time and time again is that's often worth going down a back size to ensure the fit is firm and stays in place and of course if you do have time to get a proper bra fitting, go! Most places offer free bra fittings nowadays too!

The Curvy Kate Strapless 

The Curvy Kate strapless is one of the most talked about strapless bra in positive reviews so this is first on my list. There are lots of varieties in terms of colour cut and style with a size ranging from a 28D-40J cup you can find here

The Freya Strapless

Any fuller busted gal will know Freya's name immediately. They have been a favourite brand of mine for such a long time across both their swimwear and underwear lines and their strapless bra is one to be noted. It's a favourite among many of my model pals and a tonne of people at home who prioritised this as one of their key strapless bra reliables for summer. Their size ranges from a 28B-38H and can be found on their own website here and with Figleaves in various colours.  

The Wonderbra 

Wonderbra is definitely a 50/50 split opinion for people with a size range of a A-G cup. For those that recommended this, I found they would be around the D cup size range and would describe their under bust and rib cage as being the smallest part of them. While I love their regularly cut bras I found this for me personally to be uncomfortable as it sits around your upper rib cage area to stay in place and the wiring felt heavy. If you are the type of person that does prefer this extra security or might be quite hourglass then this would be a good option for you. You can find more styles here.


This year I was introduced to Figleaves where I tried and tested out their new arrivals including their smoothing bra line ( you can find more on that here). It was a brand I was really blown away by based on delivery, how accessible is is for everyone in Europe but primarily how they stock both all the fuller busted brand names as well as their own Figleaves line which is really well priced. They have a selection of strapless styles but the smoothing bra style for me was a favourite due to how soft and breathable the material was. It would be an ideal find if you wanted a really good "day" strapless to go with cute summer tops while knowing it's still light and breathable. Size ranges from a 32C -38FF here

Lane Bryant multiway 

This is one of the most recognised stores in the U.S for those with curves. Lane Bryant has been one of the longest standing fashion brands in the USA and most specifically with a huge concentration on underwear for fuller busts. They have numberous styles from multiway options to various back widths, basic styles to the more modern and vibrant colour palettes. Sizes range from a 36C-46DDD more details and options here.

Addition Elle 

A lot of people might be familiar with this Canadian brand, in particular their long standing collabouration with Ashley Graham for her lingerie line with them. Back in September while I was at New York Fashion Week I went to their press day and saw the amazing selection they have to offer. You'll even find a whole page dedicated to strapless and multiway bras on their website too - ( you can find that here

Note: Anyone outside USA & Canada looking to purchase from Addition Elle or Lane Bryant you should be able to from their website or by using An Posts "Address Pal" option which is really helpful when buying internationally! 

The Stick On options  

Brassy Bra: A cup - G cup 

Brassy bra has received the most positive feedback online on all platforms. It gives women the opportunity to wear necklines, tops and dress options you make not have previously been able to wear due to bra restrictions. They also offer an added tap option for added security and control for those who are quite fuller busted. If you check out their Instagram account you'll see the various body types, bust types and reviews which are all really different but I think will give you a really great idea if this product is suited to you or not. Instagram handle: @BrassyBra

Magic Bra : A- E cup 

I've seen variations of this "lookalike" style online, in random Facebook advertisements and I've never been sold on them. It wasn't until I was in a fitting for a dress where the company recommended I tried a stick on bra to go with the dress. I was immediately not keen on the idea but I tried one out ahead of time just around the house to see how I felt. The Magic Bra line would be one of the originals of this sort of bra style and would cater up to an E cup. I found it surprising supportive but I would say it works beside if you were to team it with a bodycon, a dress where the bust line is either bone or quite supportive which in turn keeps the Magic Bra in place. If you were to wear a loose top or dress my concern would be it could come loose with heat and friction but for fitted items I do feel it would be fine. I purchased the D cup and you can get up to 4 uses out of them. 

You can find them easily online here

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