Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Christmas Velvet Style Ideas

Velvet for Autumn and Winter is a firm favourite of mine. It works a wonderful day or night option and as a brilliant alternative for those who may not be huge sequins fans but still want to have that Christmas party feel. There are so many variations as to how you can work velvet into you wardrobe. Skirts are a great option meaning you can mix and match them with a multitude of tops from the classic turtleneck, to a V- neck style as seen today, or change the look up for a more evening feel with a lace top or halter neck style.

Similarly with velvet dresses you will find that with the right cut and fit, you will get so much "fashion mileage" out of it as they work as fantastic staples in your wardrobe from November to February. I've added lots of variations from skirt styles to dresses and of course for those who just want a touch of velvet I've added top ideas at the bottom of this page too!

What I'm wearing

V neck detailed jumper M&S here - wearing size 16 
Velvet skirt M&S here wearing size 18 
Silver shoes & bag Littlewoods Ireland 

More velvet skirt styles here 

Velvet Dresses 

Velvet dresses are one of my favourite styles during winter. They're warm but still party-esque, they're feminine, and velvet in general works as classic A/W glam every year without fail. I still have some brilliant dresses from 3 years ago I mix and match for day and evening looks. This particular one is from New Look Curve I found in store.

What I wore:

Dress: here in sizes 18
Bag: New Look
Shoes: Littlewoods Ireland

More velvet dress options below 

Other alternatives 

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