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Autumn Winter Skincare with NEUTROGENA®

Coming into autumn/winter, I often find I need to be more organised with my beauty routine as my skin can be temperamental. I've been working with the NEUTROGENA® team this year as part of the Shine Squad and as we enter as new season, I thought it would be the perfect time to go into more detail about the skincare staples in my beauty bag and the ones I reach for first when updating my skin care routine.  

I didn't want this post to be an overload of information but hopefully this guide will be of help to people who, like me, might get sudden a breakout or suffer from congested skin and are looking for products that are quick, effective and can be swapped in and out of a skin care routine, depending on your skincare needs.

The Handbag Go To: NEUTROGENA® Visibly Clear® Light Therapy Targeted Acne Spot Treatment

This has without a doubt been my hero product over the last year and it's on the top of my list for any kind of autumn / winter beauty. It's compact and lightweight so comes everywhere with me, be it in my handbag, my travel kit, on set before a photo shoot. I'm just one of those people (and I always have been) where the day of, or the night before an important shoot, interview or meeting I get a breakout! So, having something like this in your beauty bag that can be used in 2 minutes and won't disrupt your day has been a lifesaver!

How it works? This treatment pen is an LED device. The red light helps reduce inflammation and redness on the surface of the skin, while the blue light targets acne-causing bacteria, helping to reduce the appearance of spots.It’s chemical free and UV free and is clinically proven to reduce spots faster.

The New Beauty Find : NEUTROGENA® VISIBLY CLEAR® Blackhead Eliminating Strip to Scrub

This is completely new to the NEUTROGENA® range but I was lucky to have had a sneak peek of this a few months ago at a press meeting with their brand team.
It looks like a traditional pore strip and targets blackheads, but once you apply it and get it wet, it changes to a scrub that gently exfoliates and unclogs pores, for smoother, clearer skin. They don’t strip your skin like other nose stripsout there, so they are suitable for sensitive skin.

As a sufferer of blackheads, I’ve found this so helpful for helping to remove congestion around my nose. With my job there are days on set where you have to wear heavy layers of make-up and over time, this get trapped in mypores. I’m usually not a fan of pore strips though, as my skin can be quite dry and sensitive, especially as the seasons changes. This however was really gentle and completely stress-free to use, so its a great weekly addition to my beauty kit!

The Time Saver: NEUTROGENA® VISIBLY CLEAR  Spot Proofing 2-in-1 Wash Mask

If you’re like me and you’re always on the go, this is a great option as it's a mask and face wash all in one. I apply alayer onto clean skin, let it dry and then let sit on my face for 5 mins. It has a really refreshing feel and a soft scent too!

For me personally, I tend to use it when it's been a long day and I want some skin TLC but also want something that won’t take up too much time either! I know there's a lot of people who will be able to relate to that at home too!

The Wash Favourite: NEUTROGENA® Visibly Clear® Spot Proofing Daily Wash

Another time saving favourite is the NEUTROGENA® Visibly Clear® Spot Proofing daily wash. It has Clear DefendTM technology, as well as salicylic acid which is something I always look for when it comes to my skincare, especially as the seasons change. If you are skin aware, it is important to look for products that won't disrupt the skin’s pH balance or something too harsh that will strip your skin of essential nutrients. It's about building your skin barrier or "shield" as opposed to products that absorb or strip the skin of essential oils. I personally use this in the evenings as my skin can be quite naturally dry in the morning.

Simply apply it to a wet face, add water and massage into your skin and follow the rest of your normal skin night or day time routine. The smell is really subtle and something that you won't find will leave a strong scent on your skin either.

NEUTROGENA® VISIBLY CLEAR® Pink Grapefruit Daily Scrub &  VISIBLY CLEAR® Pink Grapefruit Oil-Free Moisturiser

As the seasons change, I find I often have more bad skin days. When this happens, the two products I find I always reach for are the NEUTROGENA® Visibly Clear® Pink Grapefruit Daily Scrub and NEUTROGENA® Visibly Clear® Pink Grapefruit Oil- Free Moisturiser. I personally use the scrub once a week to give a deep cleanse, however you can use it daily if you want. It contains MicroClear® technology and naturally derived exfoliating micro-beads to unclog pores, helping to reduce and prevent breakouts.

The NEUTROGENA® Visibly Clear® Pink Grapefruit Oil-free moisturiser though, is my absolute favourite. If it’s a week where my skin is in melt down mode (usually the week of my period!) then

an oil free moisturiser is something that won't upset my skin. It’s super lightweight, so would also be good for anyone who has oily or combination skin and wants to give their skin hydration as the seasons change, without using anything too heavy.

So there you have it! My go-to products for a seasonal skincare change. Let me know if you have any tips for transitioning into autumn!

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*This blog post is in collaboration with Neutrogena 

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