Tuesday, August 29, 2017

How To Style The White Shirt 6 Ways

Today's post comes as more of a reference post for the white shirt. Since 2016 there has been so many variations of the white shirt hitting the runway and the high street so I wanted to put down some ideas as to how to maximise it in your wardrobe. Any white shirt will work perfectly with any of the inspiration styles I've added below but to show some variation I have picked different shirt styles to cover everyone's fashion tastebuds. For fuller busts my white shirt go tos are Marks & Spencers, Bravissimo ( yes they do clothing too!) and Eloquii. For tall girls Asos Tall, Gap and Next   I find to be successful based on readers feedback. 

Let me know which look is your favourite!

Lou xx 

Desk To Dinner Date

Shirt: here /  Sunglasses: here / Shoes: here / Skirt: here / Bag: here 

90's Street Style 

Biker jacket: here / Skirt: here /  shirt: here / boots: here / bag: here / hat: here

Weekend Chic 

Jeans: here / Duster: here / Bag: here / shirt: here 

Workwear Inspiration 
Dress: Here / Boots: here / Bag: here / Shirt: here 

The statement skirt: 

Skirt: here / Shirt: here / Bag: here / Necklace: here

The jumpsuit

note: this works just as well with string strap style jumpsuits not just strapless 

You can also look to embracing bandeau dresses in this way too if you want to mix up your look or have more coverage 

Jumpsuit : here  / Shirt with pearl detail:  here /  Shoes:  here / Clutch bag: here

More shirt ideas below: 



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  2. I love all these outfits. It's hard to pick just one! :)


  3. As we all known our parents and ancestor always said "Old is gold - Old is gold". After seeing 90's Street Style I strongly agree with Old is Gold lines.

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